I have been writing for publication since High School, when I was recruited to write sports articles for my local newspaper, "The Austintown Leader." There was nothing worse than trying to find fresh ways to describe the same activities week after week. My writing partner and I managed to do it for almost 16 months.

IBM Selectric
Upon entering college, my writing expanded into other formats. I started with writing brochures, fliers and meeting agendas for the various clubs where I was a member. College added various assignments and also launched the beginning of my creative writing stories. I took specific classes to learn creative writing and business writing. Later, on the job I learned how to do Technical Writing and Help Materials for software.

After college, I continued to write articles for local newspapers and added magazines, journals, technical publications and Genealogy publications. While teaching, I developed high school level curriculum and all the testing materials required for students in grade 7 through grade 11. We did not have any Seniors.

I left teaching to pursue a career in technology. I have written resumes, business briefs, grant applications, bid specifications, marketing and branding materials, web content, catalog descriptions, real estate descriptions, technical testing summaries, ad scripts and staging instructions.

Since the inception of the public internet, I have designed and written content for over 150 web sites in multiple industries. One of those many web sites was from 2000-2003 one of the largest celebrity web sites on the Internet. I wrote dozens of celebrity obituaries and had a couple of those read at celebrity funerals.

Celebrity Sanctuary

Need a biography, a corporate history or an overview of your product? How about a blog or someone to write your Twitter Feed? I take projects of all sizes and can adapt my writing to almost any situation including politics. Are you a candidate that needs spin? I write it and they will vote!

If it's writing you need then you have found the right place. Contact me and tell me about your project!