Web Design

Every business should have a website. The Internet is where most people go to find something now and if you aren't there, they will pass you by.

I build simple basic effective websites. They are coded only in HTML/CSS with just a little PHP which means they will work on all the modern browsers. I can embed elements in the pages like HTML5 Slide shows and YouTube™, but nothing more extensive than those types of elements.

Here is how a YouTube™ would look like using a standard embed feature. The size can be adjusted larger or smaller. It can also be set to go FullPage or not. In this case I have turned full page off.


Because I keep things simple, I am able to keep my prices down. A starter package begins at $799. That is a 7 page web site. This works for most smaller businesses just starting their web presence. As you add pages, the price goes up. Also any editing or writing or rewriting of original copy, adds to the price. Beyond the base package, you control just how much your site will cost. This price does not include registration of the domain name(s) or the hosting fees.


If you want a store, I can facilitate that via a link to one of the third party store creation sites. That way the server load and technical issues are in the hands of that vendor. It gives both of us an extra layer of expertise. Plus, using the third party vendor offers the full shopping cart experience for far less money than creating it from scratch.

All web sites are written with SEO in mind and will be automatically submitted to major search engines.

I have worked with clients in multiple industries, so writing and designing content is easily adapted.

Here are just some of the industries where I have designed web sites

Engineering Medical Retail Photography
Manufacturing Advertising Government Accounting
Automotive Racing Construction Home Building
Radio & TV Oil & Gas Transportation Technology

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