I have had the chance to visit Virginia several times over the years. My Uncle Ken and Aunt Linda live in Arlington, so we visited them every so often.

Lucky Arlington Virginia

Even as a young child I can remember sleeping on their couch with my brother and their two dogs. They always had dogs and over the years you never knew what breed was going to greet you at their door.

Their last dog was a Pug named "Lucky". He was my instant companion every time I visited. When I lived in Arlington, he would be at the door as soon as I pulled up. He got first attention or there was no peace. He could do a bunch of tricks and loved to play tug-o-war.

I heard he stayed with my aunt, even after she went blind and was moved to a nursing center in Georgia.

Arlington, Virginia is just loaded with history. It is the home of Arlington Cemetery which is the old Lee Plantation. From various vantage points you can park and look down from the hills into Washington D.C. As you drive around Arlington, you are confronted with history and it's shadows.

In almost any direction in Virginia, you can visit places where history from both the Revolutionary War and the Civil War happened. Between my various visits to Arlington and subsequently living there in 1987-88, I made a point of visiting most of the major historical places. The places I did not hit while living in Arlington, I managed to see while living in Richmond from 2003-2006.

You name it and I have been there. In these pages I hope to tell you about some of the highlights of visiting these places.

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