Public Speaking

I am available for public speaking engagements. I can talk on a variety of topics.

Computers and Technology

I am a PC Software Specialist. I can speak on automating your office with software.

I can also show you how to place your company
on the Internet.
Business Management

Let me show you the Techniques and Tricks needed to run any size business.

The keys to managing process, employees, costs and customers.
Marketing and Advertising

Pick a topic in Marketing and Advertising, I've worked both off and on the Internet.

I show you how to Brand and then build your business!

Outdoor Photography

Outdoor Photography is my world. I can shoot anything but I enjoy the outdoors more.

If a picture is worth 1000 words, imagine what you could do with 1000 pictures!

Writing can be for fun or for profit, I can introduce you
to both worlds.

See and hear how expressing yourself can be both pleasurable or profitable.

I live and work in a small RV.
I've traveled the country
several times.

Join me on the journey around 41 states, exploring all
the great things.

Genealogy and History

Call me a Genealogist and a Historian, Pennsylvania is my special area of expertise.

I am well versed
on the Civil War
and WWII both theaters.

My presentation style would be described as loose and I always try to make it entertaining by adding stories to every topic.
I can make things fully interactive or I can just take questions from the Audience. I think on the fly so I rarely get stumped.

I work within the area I am currently located, but if you want me to visit you, just pay my travel expenses.

For more information on rates and scheduling or any further questions Contact Me.