Genealogy is the study and research of your family. A lot of times it is referred to as your family tree, because a family has branches and roots. The study can be as simple as just finding the people that make up your family or it can get as complicated as studying Genetic issues and traits passed down. Getting into the research this deep is called Genogramming. What nationalities influenced your family, what cultures, what religions, were there any diseases that seem to run in your family? These are all aspects of Genealogy.

Family Tree

There is no correct way to research your tree. You can stick to one line, or you can explore all lines. Many times you will find that your lines intersect, sometimes in more than one generation, especially if the families stayed in the same area. I personally refer to this as vining. Think of any vine you have ever seen and how it twist and turns within itself, following no absolute path.

While many of you want to trace your family, you don't know how. That's where I come in. I teach you how to conduct the search, what resources are available and how to record and organize what you find. I teach you using methods and strategies I have used for over four decades of my own personal research. I show you how to find, compile and create the picture of your family.

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