I provide Consulting and Mentoring to all sorts of businesses. From the Startup to the Corporation, I bring key experience and an outside perspective to your operation.

With my broad portfolio of Management, Sales, Marketing and Technology skills, I can be the solution to the issues you are facing.

My Process
➤ Gather information
➤ Analyze the situation.
➤ Deliver a logical solution.
Process Chart

Because I am coming in from the outside, I have no bias or preconceived notions. I never assume any root cause and I look at the entire situation and all possible factors. I listen to everyone involved and then create a solution based on the knowledge gained. My objective is the result.

Many times, I find during my analysis that what is needed to solve the problem, is an outside contractor to complete a task.

Because I do so many different things, I can often do the work.

Yes, you can farm it out to me. Don't leave the task undone for lack of in-house talent.

I love contract work and can do many tasks remotely.

I work with clients in any industry. I thrive on learning new things so over the years, I have expanded my knowledge base to include aspects of almost every major profession. I am as comfortable with a doctor as I am with someone who manufactures a product. Since many concepts work across all industries, I only have to come up to speed on your specific situation. I can do that very quickly and then adapt the appropriate solutions.

I have worked remotely with clients all over the country and parts of the world. I don't need to be face to face to understand your issues. Technology guarantees I can work with you from my location.

Contact Me to tell me your situation and allow me to solve it for you. Put me on your team!