I knew I wanted to write a long time ago, I started out in Journalism and moved into other forms of writing. I read all the famous writers, Steinbeck, Hemmingway, Poe, Dreiser, London, Twain, Salinger, Vonnegut, Lewis, Tolkien, and many others. I settled on Steinbeck as my favorite. I’ve read almost everything he mass published and I owned copies of most of the novels for a while, I gave my collection to a local school a couple of years ago with a few exceptions. I still read him over and over and I do have my favorites.

Alex Haley inspired me to expand my Genealogy Research and to try to tell the story. He also taught me to make sure it was as accurate as possible. He was sued because he did not disclose in Roots that he was adopted. There were also allegations of Plagiarism thrown against him and he ended up penniless. It’s a shame because Roots had a huge impact on both Genealogy and Television.

Television writers have inspired me. People like Earl Hamner have taught me to explore and produce the story. Hamner created “The Waltons,” and “Falcon Crest”, two series shows that I really enjoyed. Writers like Sid Caesar,  Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks have brought me decades of laughter.

For my photography, I can not pin down a specific person who inspired me. I am inspired by nature and most of my photography is based out of doors. I also like cool mechanical things, like planes, trains and ships. It’s the subject, more than a specific person that gets those juices going. There is one person who I do credit for my ability to design websites and also my photographic results. This person is not a web designer or photographer. He was a teacher I knew many years ago, while in High School. He had charge of the stage plays we produced and taught me about creating the picture, watching the balance, making sure things were in their best light, literally. Color balances, depth of scene and perspective, things he taught me then, still apply to the other mediums where I create now. He is and has been a public figure for years since his teaching days, so I will not include his name.

It doesn’t matter who or what inspires you. Take that inspiration and combine it with your creativity and talent. The results could end up stunning and be worthy of world wide recognition.