I am a Consultant, I am a Marketing Man

When people ask me what I do, I have two answers I use, I am a Consultant or I am a Marketing Man. Both get strange looks.

I am a Consultant, I go into businesses or sometimes Non-Profits and consult with them on a variety of issues. For many businesses, they may have a technology need but they don’t talk Geek, so they will hire me to investigate a technology and come back to them with my suggestions as to which product to buy.

I have also consulted with businesses on how to automate a process within their business with technology. Can we find a way to do this task on or with computers.  Can we take this task to a faster and more efficient plane by automating it.

One other form of consulting I do is “fixing.”  A business has an issue with process or personnel that they need an outsider to come in and analyze and then fix the issue. This can be fascinating or it can be messy. Everyone fears the fixer, even when they aren’t the issue that needs fixing.

On the other side of the coin, I am a Marketing Man. Do you have a product or a business you want the world to know about? Do you have an event you want people to come to? Do you want your business put on the Internet? Then you need a Marketing Man.

A lot of people proclaim themselves to be Web Designers. I do simple effective websites. The difference is, I know how to integrate that site into your existing marketing. I don’t have to design and walk away. You’re not doing any Marketing? Then I can develop you a Marketing Plan and teach you how to implement it. I can also coordinate it with a volume of Social Media activity and or fan management if you are a Celebrity. I am able to do your Publicity too.

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