Paypal: Could be so much Better!

I have a Paypal Account, in fact it is about the fourth account I have had over the years for various needs. Currently I have one of their Premier accounts. I wanted their Debit Card, but I don’t want all the features of a full Business Account. The Premier Account serves a purpose that is not defined very well. For self employed individuals like me it provides perks that are useful, just not well defined.

For instance, they have Buy Now Buttons with the Business account and you can also use them with the Premier account. They don’t really want you to use them. They aren’t readily available on the Premier Menu system and when you do create them in a Premier Account, they blast your email all over the net instead of the encrypted code available in the Business Account Buttons.

The same sort of thing happens with their PaypalMe Code. Instead of being able to provide any form of Alias or Branding, it blasts your REAL NAME and if you include it, a Picture. Plus they restrict your PaypalMe Code. I signed up with a 100 on the end of my code to keep their system happy and several people have responded negatively. You said 9.95, I’m not sending you 100 dollars. I have to tell them the 100 is part of my identity and not what they will be charged. There’s no reasons for that identity code to be showing to the public except pathetic Paypal Execution. PaypalMe needs it’s own BUTTON.

I have asked support three times if there is any way for a person to add cash to their own account besides linking a Checking Account or a Credit Card.  There is, but it is not publicized on the regular Paypal Account pages. It’s called the Paypal MyCash Card and is only available at limited retailers. You buy the card for $3.95 and then you fill it with cash at the business. It’s like many of the gift cards available, with one major exception; every time you refill it, you get screwed for another $3.95. Paypal claims this is a third part fee charged by the company that handles their card processing. Well I’m here to tell you Paypal, that fee is outrageous on an ongoing basis. Next time I will use a Money Order.

Paypal could have twice the user base they have currently if they would just start creating products that are User Oriented and quit screwing their customers at every turn.

Last but certainly not least, get rid of that horrible automated support system and those foreign voices answering emails. It took me three days and five emails to get a relatively simple question answered. Paypal must pay them by the email.

Perhaps the feds need to take a serious look at Paypal and finally do something to stop these consumer abusing practices. Hey President Elect Trump!  Add this one to your list!