Cloud Computing

I am not an advocate of Cloud Computing. Period!

Call me old school, but I think it is nuts for a company to put their entire business in someone else’s control and location.
Hacking is one great reason not to do it and vulnerability is another.

It was announced that Cloudflare has a security bug that has now affected users on well over 1000 websites including the company I use to host my website and blog. Makes me want to vomit.

Internet security and viability is a joke right now. Your company data is not safe.

If a Cloud company goes out of business, so do you!

One other factor is the pathetic state of the power grid. With your information in-house, you are only affected if your part of the grid goes down. If your information is across the country on some cloud server, you have no way to retrieve your data.

Cloud Computing is a nightmare.  Change your passwords NOW! Rethink your use of the clouds!