Ring in the New Year with a New Project!

Welcome to 2017 and the new age of excitement and momentum. Wake up and launch a new project.

Be bold, be brave and be enthusiastic. There an old saying that goes something like this…..
Surround yourself with like minded people, otherwise the world will criticize you to death.
Find people who think like you do!

People with ideas are everywhere. People who execute those ideas are Entrepreneurs.
Most people are not idea people or entrepreneurs. They are followers, average achievers at best and most of the time have
spent more time in school than in an experienced position. They are the folks you see filling the bars of Friday and Saturday night
bitching about how bad their job sucks.

2017 has brought a new age for entrepreneurs. Once you pick your idea and are ready to execute it, contact me.
I can support you with a very broad set of services. Consulting, Marketing, Writing and much more.


New Year’s Day – Back In Texas

I spent New Year’s Eve, deep in the Heart of Texas. Specifically in the smaller, but feisty town, just east of San Antonio. I had planned on spending the night at a ranch in Von Ormy, but that just didn’t play out. So I missed my New Year’s Eve with a can of Root Beer, the ball on Times Square and a field full of cattle.

Texas was first my home from 1978 to 1996. We moved here when the mills all closed in Ohio. I have been here several times since buying the RV. I still have family near both Houston and Corpus Christi. I wintered down at Baffin Bay last year and spent some time in North East Texas before that. I know the state well. There are not too many areas of the state I have not been in or lived in. I am as at home in the Pan Handle as I am in this central zone. I’ve driven and visited the coastal areas many times. I got flooded out of the Lake Whitney area, just this last Spring. I spent Memorial Day watching the flood waters rise and drove like a demon west and north to get away from the rains. If you haven’t hydroplaned in an RV, you haven’t lived!

The greatest thing about being back in Texas? It is the home of really super BBQ and Mexican Food. That garbage BBQ in Tennessee almost killed me. Talk about Mohammed going back to the Mountain. I am looking forward to a great year. It has to be better than last year. Trump will be elected, the Clintons will flee the country and all will be well again. Carpe Diem!