Quickest way to get Attention! Pick on Barron Trump!

Personally, I love all forms of humor. Dangerfield, Carlin, Belushi and yes even Cosby.Unfortunately, the age of Political Correctness has brought us Censorship in a bold new format. It has been declared, You can’t pick on this 10 year old kid!

Well, I hate to bring a damper to the censorship wagon, but Barron Trump is now a “Public Figure” and he has been for some time. This brings his life into a whole new arena, whether he and his parents like it or not. He has become the new “child star” of the White House. His every move will be scrutinized and with no fairness. I don’t know if he’s a nice kid or not but even his mother calls him “Little Donald.”
Some would call that “Child Abuse.”

This kid lives in a circus and must take his role as the youngest clown, be it a good thing or bad. Big comments were made about him looking at the floor while sitting at the Inauguration. Pay attention. They put makeup on him so his pale complexion would not show like Casper the Ghost on Camera. In later shots inside, it looks like he got rid of it. As for his yawning, no ten year old is going to do well under the schedule they were keeping or being shoved around by the Children of the Corn. Tiffany and Eric made a point of shoving him behind them when they were walking through the Capitol to the platform.

Barron Trump needs his own fan club. That way people can interact on a more positive level instead of some of the snipes we have heard so far. Perhaps his mom could launch his own line of eye shadow, or T-shirts with him yawning on the front. Thus creating the BarYawn.  I could see everything from YoYo’s to Frisbees selling like crazy.  Add to that the Barron Trump Tribble Junior hairpiece for kids with Cancer and it could be a real hit!

I call dibs!  Contact me Barron, we’ll work it out!

Psychology of Marketing

Ready for your blood pressure to rise…Here is comes…..   SALE! 
Pavlov proved on certain commands, the dogs would come running!

Did you participate in Black Friday? Cyber Monday? Welcome to Pavlov’s world. You have been conditioned for years by retailers to barely finish digesting your Thanksgiving Meal and then rush out to stores in hope of finding that outstanding bargain. Gotcha!
Did you find what you were looking for or did you end up settling for whatever they had on sale. Or worse yet, did you buy what you wanted at full price, simply to not feel cheated out of the Black Friday Experience.

After Black Friday, the retailers all count the products they have left, and that tells them how many more sales they need to have before Christmas. Then starts the Two Day Super Sale or the Santa Doesn’t Want a Hernia Sale and finally the Last Chance Before Christmas Sale. The world will come to an end if you miss that one! Nobody wants to miss their Last Chance!

The best time to buy is in January, when they have to get rid of all the leftover stock or pay taxes on it. Do NOT go buy right after Christmas. They know all those gift cards and Christmas Money are coming and you won’t get any break now. The day after Christmas is almost as good for retailers as Black Friday.

Pricing is another key to the Psychology of Marketing. Why is everything always $19.95. Because people automatically associate with the first half of a number, not the last half. $19,95 says 19, not $20. Even though with tax, the item will be over $20. The other trick is 20% off sale. You save your sales tax, the retailer writes off the discount and everybody feels like they gained something. What you have to find out is, what was the regular price.  If a retailer normally sold an item for say 19.95 against a suggested retail price of $24.95. Now, with the SALE, they are giving you 20% off the Suggested Retail Price, you aren’t saving a thing. So make sure you know what an item sold for before Christmas.

Here’s my favorite. You have a Credit Card that pays you CASH BACK.  They’re screwing you for 14 – 24 percent on ALL of your purchases but by golly you will get 1% cash back. Pay CASH! You’ll get 14 – 24 percent back. People need to remember an old concept in savings. The Christmas Fund. Save all year and spend it at Christmas. Avoid Credit Card Debt.

Last but not least, here come the Charities. December is their banner month too. Watch out for those Bell Ringers, they can be vicious.
I personally resent being assaulted every time I go to a big box store. But they aren’t alone, every major charity will solicit you and they do sell each other their lists of donors. So if you give to one, you will be solicited by others. I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission on that one. It took me weeks to get off of all the lists. If you want to donate, give cash to a local charity. If you chose to give to a National Charity, make sure you tell them NOT to give or sell your information to anyone for any purpose.

You are being manipulated, more than you will ever know. That’s the Psychology of Marketing.

Do You YouTube?

How’s that for a title that will drive the Grammar Hounds nuts?

For many years, I did not YouTube. While I have the talent to produce videos, I simply did not have the equipment to do a video worth placing on YouTube. I know there are special software programs for using on YouTube and I owned a couple of them. The other problem I had was that the built in microphone on my Dell Laptop wasn’t working. I finally got the inclination to record a video, so I did a search on why the microphone was dead. It turned out that Dell’s Chinese Engineers, placed a small piece of foam to protect the microphone and that piece of foam dislodges and covers it. Ten minutes and a pair of tweezers and that piece of foam is dead and gone and the microphone works beautifully.

Next was deciding what to put on YouTube. Since I am a photographer, that was my first logical choice. I decided to make a slideshow. I have recently traveled all over the country and decided to make a slideshow of some of the things I saw during that trip. YouTube has a Slideshow generator so I decided to use it to make my show. The Interface is clunky, it requires a super fast Internet connection to work correctly and you have to dig all over Google to find out exactly how large the photos should be. There virtually no information concerning what is a good length for this video or what topics to try. The forums I found were useless and I ended up winging it. The results of that first Slideshow can be seen here. https://youtu.be/94RUhNnwhX8  While it won’t win an Academy Award, it represents the trip pretty well.

One issue I ran into was matching the music to the slides. Since I knew I wanted to Monetize the video, I was limited to Copyright Free music, either that offered by YouTube or music offered by other publishers. For all three of my videos, I ended up using the lame offerings available on YouTube. Let’s speak about Monetization for a moment. Since YouTube is now owned by Google, you have the ability to put AdSense Ads on your production. I did this without any issues. When I tried to ads to my second and third videos, I was informed in the setup process that my content wasn’t viable for ads. Then I got an email from Google wanting to know why I had not set up the videos for Monetization. One side of Google needs to talk to the other. All three videos are now set up on AdSense. For those of you not familiar with monetization, all it means is that if you allow ads to show on your production and a person clicks on that ad, you make some money. For people who’s videos get millions of hits, this can be a gold mine of revenue.

My next video was more topical. I took a series of pictures from various gardens around the country. The slide show was longer and has not been as popular. I experimented with several tunes before I settled on the final music. If you like plants and flowers, you’ll enjoy sitting through this slideshow. You can view it here. https://youtu.be/CLrcXgyiMfs

My third slideshow was again different than the first two. It is titled “A Day at The Fair” and takes you around a fair in the Midwest. Here again, I tried several pieces of music before I settled on the final result. If you would like to view that video it is available here. https://youtu.be/BUZbij6alG0 .

I will be doing some other things on YouTube. It’s a nice change of pace from my daily routine. If you would like to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel please follow this link.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ-XyIcR2Mn1B_K3jknktvA

Most Businesses Do Need A Professional Website!

I have been selling and designing websites for over 27 years now. I had one of the first websites on the Internet when it went public. I encouraged as many people as possible to do the same thing. Now, a website is a given for any business that wants to attract customers online.

Yes, it can be expensive to hire a professional, especially if you want a high end website with lots of bells and whistles or a website with a shopping cart. Those sites take specialty software or programming and those coders don’t come cheap.

What I have seen that I think is deplorable, are web designers or companies trying to charge small businesses thousands of dollars for a website in the most simple form. They give all of us a bad name and cause potential customers to do one of two things. They either don’t do a website at all or they go running to one of the freebie “build your own sites” and then everyone loses. The designers lose any revenue they might have gained and the customer loses because they create a website that looks horrible. It takes talent to design a site properly, even with those templates.

There are thousands of people who claim to be web designers on the planet. Everyone has an uncle, cousin or friend who brags, “I’ll design you a site, don’t pay those prices.”  If I was going to pass a law, it would be against well intentioned amateurs taking business away from professionals. Why? They may be ok at design, but rarely are they up to speed on proper SEO, Google and other Search engine parameters and also maintaining the site and being available if something breaks. They also probably do not have marketing experience to show you how to integrate your site into your overall marketing plan. Heck, many web designers don’t know how to do all this. They build your site and run as fast as they can.

I have decades of consulting, marketing and web design experience. Yes, I can build you a site and walk away, but normally I try to develop a deeper experience than that. That way you can call on me for more than just slapping a few pages on the net.  My basic site charge ranges from $595 and up if you want full ownership of your site. For those who are more concerned about cost, I charge $100 and then $20 a month. You don’t own  the site for three years. You quit paying the $20 and your site disappears. This works well for startups who aren’t sure what is going to happen with their business!

Contact me at: Doug’s Country for more information about my web design and other services.

I am a Consultant, I am a Marketing Man

When people ask me what I do, I have two answers I use, I am a Consultant or I am a Marketing Man. Both get strange looks.

I am a Consultant, I go into businesses or sometimes Non-Profits and consult with them on a variety of issues. For many businesses, they may have a technology need but they don’t talk Geek, so they will hire me to investigate a technology and come back to them with my suggestions as to which product to buy.

I have also consulted with businesses on how to automate a process within their business with technology. Can we find a way to do this task on or with computers.  Can we take this task to a faster and more efficient plane by automating it.

One other form of consulting I do is “fixing.”  A business has an issue with process or personnel that they need an outsider to come in and analyze and then fix the issue. This can be fascinating or it can be messy. Everyone fears the fixer, even when they aren’t the issue that needs fixing.

On the other side of the coin, I am a Marketing Man. Do you have a product or a business you want the world to know about? Do you have an event you want people to come to? Do you want your business put on the Internet? Then you need a Marketing Man.

A lot of people proclaim themselves to be Web Designers. I do simple effective websites. The difference is, I know how to integrate that site into your existing marketing. I don’t have to design and walk away. You’re not doing any Marketing? Then I can develop you a Marketing Plan and teach you how to implement it. I can also coordinate it with a volume of Social Media activity and or fan management if you are a Celebrity. I am able to do your Publicity too.

Visit http://www.dougscounty.com to find out more about my Consulting and Marketing Services.