Political Correctness is for the Birds

Living in America is no fun any more. Thanks to this insane Politically Correct environment we all live in, it’s almost illegal to pick on anyone any more. American History is filled with groups who got picked on when they arrived in America. Those who had arrived before them and fought to establish themselves, looked at the new group and said, “All Right! New Meat!”

For a long time, it was popular to pick on the Africans, the Irish, the Catholics, during WWII, the Japanese and the Germans.Now we have the Mexicans and the Muslims and just when you get the jokes rolling, you get slammed with Racist and Bigot! I pull an old word back from the depths of grammar…Pshaw! It’s no worse than the old Polish Jokes and Jewish jokes. Humor is a way people relate with things that are strange to them. Strange makes people uneasy.

This last election cycle blasted Political Correctness back in to the Swamp where it came from. People are tired of having things shoved at them right and left and then told they aren’t allowed to react with normal human emotions. That is in a nutshell why Trump won. He found out that people want and are ready for things to get back to some other sense of normal. This post 911 Politically Correct Crapola has driven people to the edge. Thanks to Trump’s campaign, the people who have been stifled far too long, have a voice again.

It is time to Make America Great Again. It is time to fight against the flood of sick mentality that has grasped this country far too long. And it’s time to wake up and bring the Family and Business back to life again! I have seen a change in just the few short days since the election results came in. People have woken up, their enthusiasm is back and they are ready to move in a profound direction. This kind of activism has not been seen in a long time and it is exciting! Washington has been given a loud and clear message. We are sick of the stagnation and it’s time for you folks to do the jobs you were elected to do!

Carpe Diem!   Seize The Day! Make the most of it and reach for the stars!