Mrs. Brady is Dead!

It’s a story of a Lovely Lady, well at least cute, who was bringing up three very Lovely Girls…two cute one, Marsha. Jan was always my favorite, thank you Eve Plumb. Like the casts of many of our late boomer Sitcoms, the Brady Family and supporting friends are starting to disappear.

We all know, Tiger the Dog disappeared during filming. He got run over by a truck. Robert Reed was the first actor from the show to go, he died of AIDS. I guess the next casualty was Alan Melvin, he played Sam the Butcher. Not too long ago, Ann B. Davis who played Alice, fell down a flight of stairs at her home and died. It makes one wonder if her last words were, ”I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!.” And this week we lost Florence Henderson, age 82.  No longer will we hear her off tune singing, her bitching about Robert Reed or her commercials for Wesson Oil. The catch phrase, “And I Helped!” will have to find a new home.

Last I heard, all the Brady kids are still alive. Barry Williams (Greg) is living in Branson and performing a stage show. I got to see him in 2014 and talked to him briefly. He is still carrying the “Johnny Bravo” ego. Maureen McCormick (Marsha), is still acting and writing books. She also recently did a stint on “Dancing with the Stars”, though I don’t know how anyone could classify her as a “star.” I followed her Twitter Account for a while and finally un-followed her.   Christopher Knight, (Peter) is hocking Furniture and can be found on Twitter too. Eve Plumb (Jan), is an artist now and has been doing some acting. I found her on Twitter and Tweeted a few things back and forth. I haven’t kept up on Mike Lookinland (Bobby), but he was in the business and did a brief cameo appearance, in the Barry Williams “Growing Up Brady” movie. I also found Susan Olson, (Cindy) on Twitter and quickly un-followed her. Her rants reminded me of scenes from “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.” I even asked her “who put the bug up her Brady Butt.”

Yes late Boomers, we are getting old. All of our favorites from the days of silly sitcoms are fading away and many of the classic dramas too. “The Waltons,” “Little House on The Prairie,” and others have all lost key cast members now. So, as we shed a very brief tear for Mrs. Brady, we are glad to see the reruns continue, even though none of the cast members are making a dime off of them.

And that’s the way we all became the Brady Bunch!