A Facebook Page is not a Substitute for a Branded Website

I have been writing and selling websites for a long time now. Long before the invention of Social media and long before Facebook happened. Long before so many businesses were lured to a false belief that they had achieved a web presence because they put up a free Facebook Page.

First,  Facebook Page promotes Facebook primarily and your brand as a secondary notion. Why promote another brand on any internet page unless you are making money promoting it.

Second, you do not control the Facebook Environment. They do whatever they want to your account and there have been multiple changes that are good for Facebook, but give no value to you, or your company.

Third, Facebook is a tool, it is NOT a website. On a website, you tell your customers about your brand in a format you control. Your brand is front and center and your message is conveyed. You cannot be assassinated without caution, because Mark Zuckerberg or one of his pimpled underlings, decides to change things on a whim.

Fourth, Facebook can be a dangerous environment. One nasty post there can do massive harm to your business overnight. Especially if that posting is untrue and no merit in fact. If you decide to go ahead and risk Facebook, you should consider hiring a Professional to manage your account.

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