A Facebook Page is not a Substitute for a Branded Website

I have been writing and selling websites for a long time now. Long before the invention of Social media and long before Facebook happened. Long before so many businesses were lured to a false belief that they had achieved a web presence because they put up a free Facebook Page.

First,  Facebook Page promotes Facebook primarily and your brand as a secondary notion. Why promote another brand on any internet page unless you are making money promoting it.

Second, you do not control the Facebook Environment. They do whatever they want to your account and there have been multiple changes that are good for Facebook, but give no value to you, or your company.

Third, Facebook is a tool, it is NOT a website. On a website, you tell your customers about your brand in a format you control. Your brand is front and center and your message is conveyed. You cannot be assassinated without caution, because Mark Zuckerberg or one of his pimpled underlings, decides to change things on a whim.

Fourth, Facebook can be a dangerous environment. One nasty post there can do massive harm to your business overnight. Especially if that posting is untrue and no merit in fact. If you decide to go ahead and risk Facebook, you should consider hiring a Professional to manage your account.

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Living in an RV

Seeing the country has always been a thing for me. Over the years, I have managed to take a series of single idea trips to a variety of places. I went to the Grand Canyon, I went to Florida, I went several times over to New Orleans, I visited New Mexico, I have been to various places on the East Coast and I have been and lived near Washington D.C.

A couple of years ago, I finally found myself in a position where I could buy an RV and “Hit the Road.” I knew I wanted something small, so I would not have to tow an extra vehicle. I had plans to go west to several places in the Rocky Mountains and since I had lived in Colorado, I knew I did not want anything too big or too long.

I searched around for weeks and finally found a 23′ Coachman RV. It was the perfect size for what I wanted and had everything I needed in a small self contained unit. It had a Chevy Van Front with an Automatic Transmission, so it was simple to drive and not too much longer than an average truck or van. It was taller and I learned quickly where I could and could not drive it. No more drive-thrus for me.

Buying the RV from  a dealership was a huge mistake. They lied every place they could and even with a mechanic and RV owner friend checking it out, I found several items that proved to be a maintenance drain on my bank account. So, I have started offering a service, Spend $50 with me and I will save you hundreds in costs and miseries.

Be aware, America is NOT RV Friendly. They assume you are bringing a tow vehicle with you. Trying to park even a small RV is a challenge, especially in National Parks. I visited 11 different parks and the RV parking was either inadequate, or it was filled with passenger vehicles. The few times I wasted the effort to voice concerns, the park employees ALL treated me with rudeness and disrespect. One asked me what I expected them to do. I responded with, “Do you know what  Tow Truck is? or How about getting your Volunteers out there to stop the jerks from parking in the wrong place!”  So, a word to the wise, National Parks are  drag for the RV’er.  Some cities are horrible too. They restrict Propane as a Hazardous Chemical so you are forced to take bypasses. if you end up going into town, it will be with your tow vehicle or if you are lucky a cab or bus.

The other factor you will run into is RV Parks. While there are some nice paces, most of them barely accommodate the RV and give no consideration for your tow vehicle or the desire to be far enough from your neighbor, not to hear the snoring. Almost all of the major parks use Workampers as staff and most of these people are abused. So they pass on their misery to the customers. If you expect to find a friendly face at the end of  long day of driving, don’t hold your breath.

Living 24/7 in a box on wheels has a lot of challenges. Make sure you like to be challenged.



For the first time in over a decade, I was active in politics again. While I did not do street level work, like putting out signs or talking to voters on election day, I did do a large amount of Tweeting. About 3800 posts to be exact. I was one of those folks Trump finally got around to thanking after the election was over.

Thanks to the antiquated format of Twitter, I grew sick of trying to express myself in 154 characters very quickly. I made up for the asinine restriction by creating a variety of graphics and using things I had found on the Internet. a picture is worth 1000 words so do some quick math. about 3500 of the posts had pictures.

Once Trump was elected, I took a couple days off and deleted my Twitter account. I purged as many of the Tweets as I could with the again restrictive Twitter Delete policies, manually delete as many of the media posts as I could and killed the account.

So, I asked myself, after killing a year on Twitter? What’s next?  Facebook? Hell no!  A Blog? I haven’t done that in many years, but I still know how to set up WordPress, so why not. Besides, I can make money with a Blog. Maybe. That the way the world feels right now. Maybe. Anything has to be better than the last decades full of Obama and Bush.