Do You YouTube?

How’s that for a title that will drive the Grammar Hounds nuts?

For many years, I did not YouTube. While I have the talent to produce videos, I simply did not have the equipment to do a video worth placing on YouTube. I know there are special software programs for using on YouTube and I owned a couple of them. The other problem I had was that the built in microphone on my Dell Laptop wasn’t working. I finally got the inclination to record a video, so I did a search on why the microphone was dead. It turned out that Dell’s Chinese Engineers, placed a small piece of foam to protect the microphone and that piece of foam dislodges and covers it. Ten minutes and a pair of tweezers and that piece of foam is dead and gone and the microphone works beautifully.

Next was deciding what to put on YouTube. Since I am a photographer, that was my first logical choice. I decided to make a slideshow. I have recently traveled all over the country and decided to make a slideshow of some of the things I saw during that trip. YouTube has a Slideshow generator so I decided to use it to make my show. The Interface is clunky, it requires a super fast Internet connection to work correctly and you have to dig all over Google to find out exactly how large the photos should be. There virtually no information concerning what is a good length for this video or what topics to try. The forums I found were useless and I ended up winging it. The results of that first Slideshow can be seen here.  While it won’t win an Academy Award, it represents the trip pretty well.

One issue I ran into was matching the music to the slides. Since I knew I wanted to Monetize the video, I was limited to Copyright Free music, either that offered by YouTube or music offered by other publishers. For all three of my videos, I ended up using the lame offerings available on YouTube. Let’s speak about Monetization for a moment. Since YouTube is now owned by Google, you have the ability to put AdSense Ads on your production. I did this without any issues. When I tried to ads to my second and third videos, I was informed in the setup process that my content wasn’t viable for ads. Then I got an email from Google wanting to know why I had not set up the videos for Monetization. One side of Google needs to talk to the other. All three videos are now set up on AdSense. For those of you not familiar with monetization, all it means is that if you allow ads to show on your production and a person clicks on that ad, you make some money. For people who’s videos get millions of hits, this can be a gold mine of revenue.

My next video was more topical. I took a series of pictures from various gardens around the country. The slide show was longer and has not been as popular. I experimented with several tunes before I settled on the final music. If you like plants and flowers, you’ll enjoy sitting through this slideshow. You can view it here.

My third slideshow was again different than the first two. It is titled “A Day at The Fair” and takes you around a fair in the Midwest. Here again, I tried several pieces of music before I settled on the final result. If you would like to view that video it is available here. .

I will be doing some other things on YouTube. It’s a nice change of pace from my daily routine. If you would like to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel please follow this link.