Quickest way to get Attention! Pick on Barron Trump!

Personally, I love all forms of humor. Dangerfield, Carlin, Belushi and yes even Cosby.Unfortunately, the age of Political Correctness has brought us Censorship in a bold new format. It has been declared, You can’t pick on this 10 year old kid!

Well, I hate to bring a damper to the censorship wagon, but Barron Trump is now a “Public Figure” and he has been for some time. This brings his life into a whole new arena, whether he and his parents like it or not. He has become the new “child star” of the White House. His every move will be scrutinized and with no fairness. I don’t know if he’s a nice kid or not but even his mother calls him “Little Donald.”
Some would call that “Child Abuse.”

This kid lives in a circus and must take his role as the youngest clown, be it a good thing or bad. Big comments were made about him looking at the floor while sitting at the Inauguration. Pay attention. They put makeup on him so his pale complexion would not show like Casper the Ghost on Camera. In later shots inside, it looks like he got rid of it. As for his yawning, no ten year old is going to do well under the schedule they were keeping or being shoved around by the Children of the Corn. Tiffany and Eric made a point of shoving him behind them when they were walking through the Capitol to the platform.

Barron Trump needs his own fan club. That way people can interact on a more positive level instead of some of the snipes we have heard so far. Perhaps his mom could launch his own line of eye shadow, or T-shirts with him yawning on the front. Thus creating the BarYawn.  I could see everything from YoYo’s to Frisbees selling like crazy.  Add to that the Barron Trump Tribble Junior hairpiece for kids with Cancer and it could be a real hit!

I call dibs!  Contact me Barron, we’ll work it out!

Ring in the New Year with a New Project!

Welcome to 2017 and the new age of excitement and momentum. Wake up and launch a new project.

Be bold, be brave and be enthusiastic. There an old saying that goes something like this…..
Surround yourself with like minded people, otherwise the world will criticize you to death.
Find people who think like you do!

People with ideas are everywhere. People who execute those ideas are Entrepreneurs.
Most people are not idea people or entrepreneurs. They are followers, average achievers at best and most of the time have
spent more time in school than in an experienced position. They are the folks you see filling the bars of Friday and Saturday night
bitching about how bad their job sucks.

2017 has brought a new age for entrepreneurs. Once you pick your idea and are ready to execute it, contact me.
I can support you with a very broad set of services. Consulting, Marketing, Writing and much more.