Most Businesses Do Need A Professional Website!

I have been selling and designing websites for over 27 years now. I had one of the first websites on the Internet when it went public. I encouraged as many people as possible to do the same thing. Now, a website is a given for any business that wants to attract customers online.

Yes, it can be expensive to hire a professional, especially if you want a high end website with lots of bells and whistles or a website with a shopping cart. Those sites take specialty software or programming and those coders don’t come cheap.

What I have seen that I think is deplorable, are web designers or companies trying to charge small businesses thousands of dollars for a website in the most simple form. They give all of us a bad name and cause potential customers to do one of two things. They either don’t do a website at all or they go running to one of the freebie “build your own sites” and then everyone loses. The designers lose any revenue they might have gained and the customer loses because they create a website that looks horrible. It takes talent to design a site properly, even with those templates.

There are thousands of people who claim to be web designers on the planet. Everyone has an uncle, cousin or friend who brags, “I’ll design you a site, don’t pay those prices.”  If I was going to pass a law, it would be against well intentioned amateurs taking business away from professionals. Why? They may be ok at design, but rarely are they up to speed on proper SEO, Google and other Search engine parameters and also maintaining the site and being available if something breaks. They also probably do not have marketing experience to show you how to integrate your site into your overall marketing plan. Heck, many web designers don’t know how to do all this. They build your site and run as fast as they can.

I have decades of consulting, marketing and web design experience. Yes, I can build you a site and walk away, but normally I try to develop a deeper experience than that. That way you can call on me for more than just slapping a few pages on the net.  My basic site charge ranges from $595 and up if you want full ownership of your site. For those who are more concerned about cost, I charge $100 and then $20 a month. You don’t own  the site for three years. You quit paying the $20 and your site disappears. This works well for startups who aren’t sure what is going to happen with their business!

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