Making Money on the Internet

Like many people, I wanted to find out exactly what are the current ways to make money on the Internet being touted by many of the other bloggers. Here are the results of my search.

Surveys – Surveys are a great way to waste a horrific amount of time and make little money. You will see all sorts of ads proclaiming huge amounts like $30 to $50 per survey. It’s all hype. The best I found after trying many companies was $1.50. That company was selective on their participants and you could not cash out until you earned $25.00. For the average person, hell would freeze over before you saw any of your cash.

Writing – While there are some decent ways to get writing gigs on the net, for most people you will be trapped by companies who offer from .01 to .05 cents a word. You can only write on specific topics and if you don’t get rejected you might actually end up making a few bucks for your article. Problem is like the Surveys, you have to wait for a cash payout at anywhere from $25,00 to $50,00 and I have seen multiple complaints where writers finally made it to the payout, only to be banned from the site and their money disappearing in the wind.

Selling Photography – I tried this with one of the major companies. I wasn’t too thrilled about having to give them a copy of my Driver License, but I choked back my dread of Identity Theft and sent them the license. I then uploaded 12 files to see what would happen. 6 of the photos were rejected for being blurry at full size. 2 were rejected as having “no commercial appeal”, 1 was rejected because they claimed I had done post production editing on it, which was not true and 3 were accepted. It was a lot of effort for success on three photos. I deleted everything I could and then I wrote them and told them to close my account.

Doing Tasks – Do a quick task for someone and make $5! Or a whole lot less on some of the more heavily promoted sites. If you are lucky, you’ll make a nickel, a dime, maybe a whole quarter! Then you run into the same issue as everything above, the payout level. How many 5 cent tasks does it take to reach $20.00. Even if the payout level is less than that you are competing against 1000 other people and all of these sites use activity grading. You do more tasks and you get a better chance at the tasks against the new people who have just signed up.

Freelancing – Yes, you can go find freelance jobs on the net, but most of the better sites charge everyone for joining now. Then once in their system you run into the same issues as you found trying to do tasks. 1000 people all trying to get the same contracts. Unless you have a really specialized skill, get ready to spend hours bidding on jobs. Some sites even charge you to place those bids. So you can end up with a lot of cash outlay for very few results.

Reseller/Affiliate – Of all the things I have found, reselling has some viability, if the product is good and you get a really good commission selling it. You still deal with Payout issues, but those tend not to be as painful as some of the other options. to do this properly, you need a website or a blog. Then you sign up for whatever plan. Don’t have a website or a blog, I can build you one for a fee.

All of these methods to make money have one additional component. You can make additional money signing others up. that’s the only reason you see so many websites promoting working online. If you sign up through them, they make something off of your signup. It’s not because they want to see your bank account rise.