I have spent my entire career working in sales, marketing and technology.

I have worked a variety of inside sales positions. The last one was with a major software retailer, where I was their top salesman on the East Coast and also trained a majority of their eastern sales staff. Seeing a better opportunity in consulting, I left that position to open my first consulting company. I have consulted to major corporations and small one man operations and I am functional in multiple industries. I am as comfortable with a farmer as I am with the head of an engineering firm.

Over the years, I have provided marketing services to many of my consulting clients. I can design everything from web sites to sales brochures and teach you how to coordinate your on and off web marketing. Need an ad for radio? I can write the script and do the voice-over for you. With my writing talent I can take care of just about any writing project you have from sales sheets to corporate histories.

If you have any questions, please Contact Me.